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Our Impact


The Society brings together academics, researchers, practitioners, artists, economists, advocates, legislators, regulators, and others who support restoration to define and deliver excellence in the field of ecological restoration. Since the Society’s inception in 1988, our workshops, publications, and international collaborative networks have provided leading-edge restoration guidance to individuals and organizations worldwide. We provide a robust and dynamic platform to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking, research, and policy discussions among the many actors and interests we represent.

Some of our key accomplishments and successes are in these areas relate to:

Policy at the international, national and regional scale has tremendous impact on when, where, and how restoration is implemented. We engage with global partners to promote cutting-edge restoration policy and to create and promote consensus within the restoration arena. We work to mainstream ecological restoration into decision-making around the world and act as a leading resource for technical guidance and capacity building.



SER works to develop forward thinking materials that advance ecological restoration policy and practice in the field. Through partnerships with international entities, authors, Island Press, and within our own organization, we’ve developed 18 guidance documents and reports, 28 books, international standards for restoration, and our bimonthly high-impact journal Restoration Ecology


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We’ve created the largest and most diverse global network of restoration students, professionals, and supporters. Spread across 70+ countries and six continents, SER members come together through local events, workshops, field trips, regional chapters, and student associations; regional and continental conferences; our premier biennial World Conference; and our online community. 




Knowledge exchange is about more than conferences and scientific publications, and both decision makers and practitioners need access to cutting-edge information. Through our Restoration Resource Center, monthly webinars, members-only digital magazine, and newsletters focused on contemporary restoration topics, we offer constantly evolving ways for the community to learn from the success and failures of others, stay engaged, and expand their professional development.



In 2017, we launched the Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP) program. The world’s first certification program for ecological restoration professionals, CERP improves restoration effectiveness by encouraging a high standard for those designing, implementing, overseeing, and monitoring restoration projects worldwide.