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SER has both standing and ad hoc committees, and SER members can serve on committees without being a board member. All board members are expected to serve on at least two committees. Currently, there are 8 Standing Committees and no ad hoc committees. Read on for membership requirements and general purpose for each committee.



The ExCom is made up of all officers plus one at-large member. In addition to serving as the leadership committee of the board and meeting monthly, the ExCom also serves as the conference committee and the personnel committee when such committees are needed.

 Jim Hallett (chair)
Nancy Shaw   Carol Maxwell
Alan Unwin    Kingsley Dixon

Financial and Governance

The Financial committee is chaired by the Treasurer, and includes two additional members. It meets during the fourth quarter of each year to work with the Executive Director in developing and pre-approving the annual budget.

 Nancy Shaw (chair)
David Polster     Thomas Kaye


The Publications committee oversees publication of SER’s journal, Restoration Ecology, as well as our Island Press book series. Membership of the Publication Committee typically includes several non board members. The Publications Committee Chair is appointed by the Board Chair.

 Vicky Temperton (chair)
James Aronson     Kingsley Dixon

Science and Policy 

The Science and Policy Committee (SPC) plays an integral role in defining SER’s public positions and maintaining SER’s integrity on scientific and policy issues related to ecological restoration. SER cannot issue policy positions without approval of the SPC. The SPC is required to have at least 50% of its membership made up of SER Board members.

George Gann Emily Gonzales 
Cara Nelson  Jim Hallett
Nancy Shaw James Aronson 
Kris Decleer    Cristina Eisenberg

Emerging Professionals 

The Emerging Professionals committee and online networking group facilitates dialogue that identifies, understands, and responds to the unique needs of this segment of our community. The committee is chaired by the Student Representative.

 Magda Garbowski (chair)    Carol Maxwell 

Chapter Relations 

The Chapter Relations Committee (CRC) is made up of 1-2 members of each chapter and meets approximately quarterly. The CRC enables chapters to share ideas and strategies, brainstorm solutions to common problems, and learn from each other.

Anne Tolvanen (chair) Luis Moraes
David Polster     Ramesh Venktaraman

Board Development 

The Board Development Committee is responsible for overseeing elections, including identifying the election timeline, updating nomination requirements, soliciting nominations, vetting nominees, producing the final ballot, and verifying the final election. The Board Development committee is made up entirely of Board Members. 

Carol Maxwell (chair)    Magda Garbowski


The Awards Committee oversees SER’s biennial awards process and program in conjunction with the World Conference. The Awards Committee finalizes the awards that will be given in any particular year, solicits nominations, vets nominations, and chooses awardees. The Awards Committee is typically  made up entirely of Board Members, but is not limited to Board Members. The Awards Committee Chair is appointed by the Board Chair.

Ramesh Venkataraman (chair)

North American Coordinating

The North American Coordinating Committee (NACC) is made up of 1 voting member from each chapter within North America. The North American Regional Representative(s) also sit on the NACC as voting members. The NACC was created to support the development and delivery of North American continental conferences as well as to support the vetting and nomination of 1-3 candidates for the North American Regional Representative seat to the board. The NACC is run by two co-chairs and meets approximately quarterly. 

Mike Toohill (co-chair)    Thomas Kaye (co-chair)