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Academic Programs

The field of ecological restoration has matured considerably over the last three decades. Restoration of degraded ecosystems has grown from a relatively minor component of natural resource management to a dominant activity in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems across the globe. Worldwide, restoration is now an over three trillion dollar per year activity. As the scope and scale of restoration increases, there is a corresponding need for increased training, technical guidance, and sharing of lessons learned, in order to achieve desired ecological and social benefits.

The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) partnered with University of Montana (UM) and Ecological Connections (EC) to assess growth in academic programs in ecological restoration over the last decade. The June 2016 assessment identified 63 ecological restoration programs within the US and Canada, listed below.

California Polytechnic State Univ. San Luis Obispo
Undergraduate Minor - Land Rehabilitation and Restoration Ecology

Colorado State University
MS - Natural Resources Stewardship, Ecological Restoration Specialization
BS - Rangeland Ecology, Concentration in Restoration Ecology
BS - Soil and Crop Sciences, Concentration in Soil Restoration and Conservation
Undergraduate Minor - Ecological Restoration

Defiance College
BS - Restoration Ecology

Florida Atlantic University
Graduate Certificate - Environmental Restoration

Humboldt State University
BS - Environmental Science, Ecological Restoration Option
Undergraduate Minor - Ecological Restoration

Iowa State University
BS - Forestry, Natural Resource Conservation and Restoration

Laurentian University
BS - Restoration Biology

Louisiana State University
BS - Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Ecological Restoration Option

Loyola University Chicago
BS - Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Montana State University
MS - Land Rehabilitation
BS - Environmental Sciences, Land Rehabilitation Option

North Carolina State University
Graduate Certificate - Design and Analysis of Environmental Systems, Watershed Assessment and Restoration

Northern Arizona University
Undergraduate Certificate - Forest Health and Ecological Restoration

Oregon State University
BS - Natural Resources, Ecological Restoration Option

Paul Smith's College (AKA College of the Adirondacks)
BS - Ecological Restoration

San Jose State University
BS - Environmental Studies, Concentration in Environmental Restoration and Resource Management

Simon Fraser University
MS - Ecological Restoration

State University of New York (SUNY‐ESF)
PhD - Ecosystem Restoration
MS - Ecosystem Restoration
MPS - Ecosystem Restoration

Trent University
BS - Ecological Restoration

Texas A&M University
BS - Ecological Restoration

University of Alberta
PhD - Land Reclamation and Remediation
MS - Land Reclamation and Remediation

BS - Land Reclamation

University of Arizona

PhD - Natural Resources, Ecology, Management and Restoration of Rangelands Option
MS - Natural Resources, Ecology, Management and Restoration of Rangelands Option
BS - Natural Resources, Ecology, Management and Restoration of Rangelands Emphasis

University of California, Davis
BS - Ecological Management and Restoration
BS - Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry ‐ Plant Biodiversity/Restoration Option
Undergraduate Minor - Landscape Restoration

University of California, Irvine
MCRS - Conservation and Restoration Science

University of Florida
PhD - Forest Resources and Conservation, Concentration in Ecological Restoration
MS - Ecological Restoration
Graduate Certificate - Ecological Restoration
BS - Plant Science, Specialization in Restoration Horticulture

University of Idaho
Graduate Certificate - Restoration Ecology

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
BS - Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Concentration in Resource Conservation and Restoration Ecology

University of Maryland
BS - Environmental Science and Policy, Concentration in Environmental Geosciences and Restoration

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus

MS - Environmental Restoration Engineering and Science
Graduate Minor - Graduate minor in Environmental Restoration Engineering and Science
Graduate Minor - Ecological Restoration in Landscape Architecture

University of Montana, Missoula
BS - Ecosystem Science and Restoration, Aquatic Option
BS - Ecosystem Science and Restoration, Terrestrial Option
Undergraduate Minor - Ecological Restoration

University of Nebraska
BS - Environmental Restoration Science, Lake and Stream Restoration Option
BS - Environmental Restoration Science, Soil Science Option

Undergraduate Minor - Environmental Restoration Science

University of Tennessee
BS - Forestry, Restoration and Conservation Science Concentration

University of Texas at San Antonio
BS - Environmental Science, Conservation and Restoration Ecology Area of Study

University of Victoria
Graduate Certificate - Ecological Restoration Professional Specialization
Diploma - Restoration of Natural Systems

University of Washington
BS - Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management, Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture Option
Undergraduate Minor - Ecological Restoration

University of Waterloo
Diploma - Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation

University of Wisconsin, Madison
MS - Ecological Restoration

University of Wyoming
Undergraduate Certificate - Reclamation and Restoration Ecology
Undergraduate Minor - Reclamation and Restoration Ecology

Utah State University
BS - Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Additional Academic Programs not identified in the 2016 Report

Mount Holyoke
Undergraduate Restoration Ecology Program

Niagara College
Graduate Certificate - Ecosystem Restoration

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture, Specialty in Restoration Ecology and Ecological Design