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Members in Action: Elise Gornish

Wednesday, March 27, 2019  
Posted by: Rebecca Shoer
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Dr. Elise Gornish is a Cooperative Extension Specialist in Ecological Restoration at the University of Arizona and Vice President of the SER-SW chapter. Her work largely focuses on identifying strategies for successful restoration in arid land systems and integration of restoration approaches into weed management. She is also the faculty advisor for our newest student association at the University of Arizona! Her lab at the University of Arizona is investigating the utility of using mesquite for arid land restoration priorities.

They deployed an experiment that tests two mixes: one mix is composed of plant species typically used in grassland restoration in SE Arizona, and the other mix is composed of species thought to prefer mesquite canopies. The mixes were seeded in plots directly under mesquite canopies, at the edge of mesquite canopies and outside of mesquite canopies. Plots were installed at trees that differed in size in two different locations. Through time, Gornish will follow germination, establishment, survival and dispersal of seeded species within and external to each plot to assess whether mesquite canopies could provide value within a restoration design. Follow her work on Twitter and Instagram.