Restoration Ecology Journal

Posted August 2012

Journal name: Restoration Ecology

Restoration Ecology is the Society’s bi-monthly scientific and technical peer-reviewed journal published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. The journal publishes on all aspects of ecological restoration, defined as “assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed” (SER Science and Policy Working Group, 2002). Restoration Ecology fosters the exchange of ideas among the many disciplines within ecological restoration. Addressing global concerns and communicating them to the international research community and restoration practitioners, the journal is at the forefront of a vital new direction in science, ecology, and policy.

Edited by a distinguished panel, journal contributions span the natural sciences, including ecological and biological aspects, as well as the social sciences including cultural, philosophical, political, educational, economic, and historical aspects. Above all, the journal continues to be a major tool for researchers to publish their findings and contribute to fighting and reserving ecological damage.

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Editorial Board 

Stephen Murphy, University of Waterloo, Canada 

Managing Editor 
Valter Amaral, Centro de Oceanografia, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal & Macquarie University, Australia 

Book Review Editor 
Jelte van Andel, University of Groningen, The Netherlands 

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There’s an App for That

Restoration Ecology
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For Contributors

The journal publishes on all aspects of ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology will not distinguish between basic and applied research and encourages all contributors to consider both the practical and the more fundamental implications of their work. When case studies are presented they should be used to illustrate broad principles. All ecosystem types are considered including terrestrial, aquatic and marine.

Authors should submit their manuscripts, including figures, to the Restoration Ecology submission webpage. For more specific guidelines for submitting a manuscript to RE, please click here.