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With more than 2,000 members in 70 countries, SER represents a wide range of organizations and individuals offering new career opportunities and professional development.  To further our goal of connecting restoration job seekers of all levels, SER has partnered with JobTarget to develop the SER Career Center. An extension of our growing network of restoration professionals, the Career Center offers targeted career development opportunities for those interested in ecological restoration and related fields. 

SER’s Career Center provides individuals and organization with the opportunity to connect over new positions and career opportunities, volunteer events, internships openings, and personal resumes. Our Career Center provides a distinctive space for individuals at all stages of their careers to professionally connect. Individuals and organizations can network with another through a number of avenues. Click here to explore the SER Job Board

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For a full list of our Career Center opportunities for job seekers and recruiters, see below:

Professional Development Opportunities for Job Seekers:

Search for New Job Openings Use the Career Center job board to look for exciting job opportunities.

Create Your Own Profile – Set up a personal account in our Career Center to be able to save your job searches, store jobs you’re interested in, keep notes on postings you’re interested in, and communicate with employers. 

Upload Your Resume – Post your resume to the Career Center. You can post as much or as little information as you wish. Recruiters can then view your resume anonymously and choose to request personal contact information if they are interested.

Get Job Alerts and Announcements – Sign up for job alerts and announcements to stay up to date on new job postings which match your personal search criteria.

Message Recruiters One-On-One – Use your personal profile to communicate with employers through our internal Career Center messaging system. 

Search for Internship Opportunities – Find new internships opportunities being offered in your area. Post an internship listing for free

Search for Volunteer Opportunities – Get involved in local restoration projects by searching for new volunteer opportunities. Post a volunteer listing for free. 

Search for Workshop and Training Programs – Further your education and training by searching for new workshops and volunteer opportunities. Post training and workshops for free

Opportunities for Recruiters:

Find Top Job Candidates With Relevant Skills – Recruit highly skilled and passionate job candidates with a  specific  skill sets in ecological restoration.  

Broadcast Your Job Openings to SER’s Career Center – Post new job openings to SER’s Career Center. Each time a new job is posted, a broadcast email is sent to each of our restoration applicants giving you posting visibility and exposure.

Broadcast Your Job Openings to the Environmental Job Board Network – In addition to posting your job to SER’s Career Center, you can pay to have your opening posted to the Environmental Job Board Network. This Network consists of 17 environmentally oriented job boards each with their own community of job seekers. Postings will remain in the search listing for 45 days.

Broadcast Your Job Openings to SER's Online Networks - SER posts job openings to its Twitter account, which has 700 followers, and the SER Facebook page, which has over 3,000 likes. Job openings are also announced in bi-monthly newsletters sent to SER's entire international member-base.

Set Up a Free Company Profile – Set up a free company profile with a brief explanation of your organization and job opportunities. A logo can be included in your free profile.

View and Purchase Resumes – Search through SER’s anonymous resume bank to find qualified candidates before choosing to purchase individual resumes. Once you have found resumes you are interested in seeing in full, you can purchase them. Your organization will only be charged for resumes when the candidate also expresses interest in your organization.

Privately Message Job Candidates – Use the internal Career Center messaging system to talk with candidates privately.

Products and Pricing:

The SER Career Center is available for use by both member and non-members, however SER members receive a significant discount on job postings and resume purchases. 

SER Career Center Products and Pricing

Product Type
Member Price       
Non-Member Price    
Single Job Posting

30 Days



Single Job Posting

 60 Days



5 Pack - 60 Day Job Posting (10% Discount)

60 Days



10 Pack - 60 Day Job Posting (15% Discount)

60 Days



20 Pack - 60 Day Job Posting (20% Discount)

60 Days



Job Posting + Environmental Job Board Network*            
30 Days



Resume Purchase




Resume Posting




Company Profile




Job Posting Alerts




*This product bundle provides you with a single job posting on SER’s Career Center as well as the opportunity to have your job posted on all sites in the Environmental Job Board Network. This secondary exposure gives you the chance to announce your job to 17 additional environmental job boards. Visit the Product and Pricing Page of our Job Board to view a full list of network organizations.

To purchase a job posting or resume, please visit our Job Board Product and Pricing Page.