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Some of the frequently asked questions for current CERPs/CERPITs are provided below.  If you do not find the question you are looking for, you can contact us to get additional information. 

You can also check out our CERP/CERPIT maintenance tutorial:


A.   Certification for both CERPs and CERPITs is valid for five years after approval.

A.  An initial application fee is due with submission of a full application. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the application.

Once certified, the certificant will pay an annual maintenance fee each year. In order to renew certification, the certificant will pay the recertification fee (in lieu of the annual maintenance fee that year).

Discounts are available for individuals from low income countries (as defined by the World Bank).  Contact us to see if you qualify. 

Fees are shown below in US Dollars. 

Fee  Membership Status Practitioner  Practitioner-in-Training 
 Annual Maintenance Fee  SER Members  $75 $50 
 Non-Members  $100 $75 
 Recertification Fee  SER Members $125 $100 
 Non-Members $225 $200 
 Upgrade from CERPIT to CERP  SER Members  NA $100
 Non-Members  NA $150


A. The payment rate will automatically be updated depending on your membership type. Therefore, it is critical that you are logged in to the SER website in order to get the correct rate.


A. CERPs and CERPITs need to earn at least 50 continuing education credits (CECs) over the 5 year period. More information on CECs can be found at

A. You can get approved for CECs before or after an event. Applications for CEC approval can be submitted at

A. You should have received a "next steps" email outlining the requirements needed to upgrade to the CERP designation. Once you have met the requirement(s), you are encouraged to upgrade to CERP by filling out the upgrade form and paying the upgrade fee (make sure that you are logged in to get the correct payment rate). Because you are already a CERPIT, you will only have to provide supporting information to document your completion of the requirements stated above (i.e., you do not have to re-apply or provide the intensive level of documentation again).

A. If your membership expires you will not be able to access your journal (including your continuing education credits) until you either renew or contact us to convert your account to a guest account. None of your information will be lost even if you can't access it. Once your membership has been renewed/converted you will continue to have access.