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Latest News: Updates from SER

2019 Membership Announcement

Friday, December 7, 2018  
Posted by: Laura Capponi
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Exciting New Benefits Coming in 2019!

During the October quarterly Board of Directors meeting, the SER Board of Directors (with support of SER's chapters) approved a variety of changes to our membership structure and fee rates in order to better serve our members. The following changes will take effect 1 January 2019.

New offerings

  • A subscription to Restoration Ecology will now be included with all SER memberships (new and existing). Peer-reviewed research was a top resource cited by members in the 2018 SER Community Survey, and we are thrilled to be able to provide the journal to all SER members as a direct benefit of membership.
  • The SER Board has established a new Partnership Fund for the purposes of offering leadership opportunities and competitive matching grants to SER chapters and sections to improve delivery of local benefits for members. Partnership grants may include travel funds for members to attend regional and world conferences, CERP registration fees, honorary membership dues and recognition awards, long range planning projects to strengthen chapter capacity, member recruitment activities, field trips, and other ideas that generally support the mission of SER. A portion of membership dues will be set aside for this fund. The fund will be jointly overseen by the Chapter Relations Committee and the SER Board.
  • We are updating membership categories to acknowledge the changing workforce and diversity of members within SER. We have expanded and renamed the student membership category to “Emerging Professionals” in order to provide lower cost memberships to include individuals early in their ecological restoration career, but already out of school. In addition:

o   A new Students and Emerging Professionals Committee has been established by the SER Board to identify, understand and respond to the unique needs of this segment within our community.

o   In response to requests from student members and our SER student association club leaders, SER has established a new online community networking group for you. The online community is open to SER student and emerging professional members and includes virtual forums, messaging boards, blogs, member list, file and photo libraries, a news feed, and more.

  • We have redesigned Student Association membership to ensure SER's student clubs are directly affiliated with membership in a regional chapter.
  • We launched a new Business Member program to provide increased access and resources for organizations and businesses of all sizes that includes listing on our new Restoration Directory, bundled memberships for staff, and deeper discounts on professional certification registrations.
  • SER memberships will now include an auto-renew membership option for most member categories. Auto-renew will occur annually following the date of your next renewal. Since this is a new program, you will need to enter your payment information in our securely stored system for the 2019 membership year. You will then receive a reminder at least one-month in advance of your next annual payment processing in the event you no longer want to renew.  If we are unable to process your payment, you will be notified by email or phone.
  • SER is refining the online community platform to work better for you. Our new SER online member center has been soft-launched and includes virtual forums, messaging boards, blogs, file and photo libraries, a news feed, and more.
  • SER will be hosting an increased number of practitioner-oriented webinars.

To provide these increased benefits we will also be increasing some of our fees, for the first time in seven years. SER’s membership dues have remained flat since 2012 despite steadily building up our program offerings and membership benefits. This modest increase will enable the Society to provide Restoration Ecology to all SER members, while also helping us build capacity and maintain fiscal sustainability. We have studied membership fees in similar societies, and our new rates remain within the mid- to lower-range of similar society fees, ensuring, we believe, a strong value for your investment in SER.


2019 Membership Categories and Dues

2019 Membership categories

2019 dues

New benefits added for 2019

Individuals in High income countries


Restoration Ecology subscription


Individuals in Lower income countries


Restoration Ecology subscription



Restoration Ecology subscription

Emerging Professional


Restoration Ecology subscription

Membership in Emerging Professionals Community Group




Recognition in Annual Report

Additional 10% discount from the member rate on Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner registrations

Special Invitation VIP events at SER’s World Conferences

Basic listing for your business/organization in the Restoration Directory; and a 30% discount to upgrade to Enhanced listing

(This membership previously received a subscription to Restoration Ecology.)



Recognition in Annual Report and on the SER website

(This membership previously received a subscription to Restoration Ecology.)

Organizational Member

Geared for Nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and small businesses

Total of 5 seats



($120 lower income countries)

Restoration Ecology subscription for all employees on the account

Basic listing for your business/organization in the Restoration Directory; and a 30% discount to upgrade to Enhanced listing

Standard Business Member

Geared for Corporations and for-profit businesses

(Total of 8 memberships for your staff)




Enhanced listing for your business/organization in the Restoration Directory

Use of the SER “Business Member” logo in advertising and marketing materials

Recognition in the SER Business Member List in the full-page ad of the SER Annual Report

Restoration Ecology subscription for all employees on the account

Complimentary job listing and SER cross promotion of your jobs board postings to the restoration community SER’s Events & Opportunities newsletter

Additional 10% discount from the member rate on Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner registrations

Flex Business Member

Total of 20 memberships for your staff.


All the benefits of the Standard Business Member category with the option to swap out up to 12 membership seats for certification registrations (3 memberships = 1 certification registration).

Student Associations


Restoration Ecology subscription for the student advisor and registered student members

Membership in Chapter/Section for the student advisor and registered student members

To ensure we can keep benefits consistent with costs, and to prevent large membership fee increases in the future, in 2020 we will begin an automatic annual increase of 2% (rounded to the nearest dollar) for Individuals, Emerging Professionals, Retirees, and Organizations in high income countries.


We recognize that those who are in a category with an increased fee might have challenges continuing to include SER as one of your membership priorities. Please contact us if this is an issue so we can discuss how to ensure you can maintain your SER membership. But we also hope that each of you recognize the increased benefits that SER is providing. We believe we are offering a high value to cost ratio, but we also recognize that not all members take advantage of all benefits. Please know we are always looking for ideas and suggestions for benefits you would like to see from your SER membership.


We strive to improve on the value we bring to our members. Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your participation and membership in SER as we work to advance and advocate for high quality ecological restoration practice, science, and policy around the world.

If you are not yet a member and would like to join the Society, please visit:

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact SER’s membership director Laura Capponi at