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Special Issue: Seed Dispersal and Soil Seed Banks

Friday, June 22, 2018  
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SER’s peer-reviewed journal Restoration Ecology released a special issue seed restoration: Seed Dispersal and Soil Seed Banks – Promising Sources for Ecological Restoration. This special issue has 15 papers from 10 countries, including technical articles and reviews.

In Török et al.’s introduction and review paper, the authors outline important lessons learned for restorationists working with seeds. The biggest challenges in restoring ecosystems from seeds? Dispersal (where seeds go) and establishment (getting seeds to grow). Looking at what seeds are already present in an ecosystem, where and when to plant seeds, and how to discourage unwanted seeds, before starting a project, ensures the project will be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Restorationists then create the ideal environmental conditions to encourage seed growth.

Most importantly, restoration cannot be thought of as a local or self-contained initiative – the surrounding landscape plays an integral part as well. Seeds and pollen can travel great distances, carried by animals or the wind, and even distant habitats can and will influence the fate of a restoration site. The fifteen articles of this special issue discuss techniques, lessons learned, and knowledge gaps in each step of seed-based restoration projects. You can this special issue now at Restoration Ecology.