About SER Membership

SER is an international member-based organization registered in the US as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. SER has more than 2,400 members and partners in over 70 countries with 14 chapters serving states, provinces and regions of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. SER is also working actively to expand its presence in Latin America and Africa.

When you join the Society as a member, you become part of our global community. Whether you are an ecologist, botanist, zoologist, conservation biologist, population biologist, geneticist, horticulturist, landscape architect, engineer, environmental advocate, or educator, your support and membership contribute to the Society’s efforts to lead the way in healing the Earth. SER members study and practice restoration in almost all ecosystem types – from prairies, savannas, and forests to tidal estuaries, freshwater wetlands, and coral reefs.  Our diverse membership includes indigenous peoples, professionals from the corporate sector, and the staff of public agencies, conservation groups, university research departments, and environmental consulting firms.

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Membership Structure

SER's membership structure is a-la-carte. Once you have chosen your desired SER membership type (Individual, Student, or Organizational), you can then add additional items to your membership:

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