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September 12, 2016

Photo: blueenayim/iStock

Soil Has a Microbiome, Too
Netherlands: New study on soil microbes highlights the links between soil and ecosystem health, showing the power that changing soil can have (via Smithsonian).
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Photo: Sergio Garrido

Bonn Challenge approaches target to restore 150 million hectares of degraded land
Guatemala & Malawi have committed to restoring a total of 4.54 million hectares of degraded land as announced at the IUCN World Conservation Congress (via IUCN).
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Photo: Atli Haroarson

32,000 km Of Wetland Trenches!
Iceland: Wetland reclamation efforts are converting agricultural trenches into wetlands once again (via Grapevine).
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Photo: National Forest

How millions of trees brought a broken landscape back to life
UK: After 25 years, the decision to place a national forest amid derelict coal and quarry workings has borne spectacular fruit (via The Guardian).
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New from Restoration Ecology: Toward quantitative dryland restoration models
This opinion article discusses opportunities for building a conceptual understanding of dryland ecosystem function to create realistic models to improve seedling establishment in restoration. Read the abstract.

Upcoming SER Webinar: Conserving and Restoring Layered Landscapes
Marion Hourdequin and David Havlick, co-editors of the 2015 book Restoring Layered Landscapes, will discuss the challenges of restoring landscapes with complex histories shaped by ongoing interactions between humans and nature. Register in advance.

SER Webinar Recording: Restoring the Living Skin of the Earth: Biocrusts in Dryland Restoration
In August Dr. Matthew Bowker, Kristina Young, and Henry Grover of the Forest-Rangeland Soil Ecology Lab of Northern Arizona University shared new methods for restoring biological soil crusts. Watch the video.

Opinion: A controversial bird - should Everglades Restoration hinge on a single species?
Should the prospect of disturbing one sensitive species hold hostage the restoration of an entire ecosystem upon which hundreds of other species depend, including us? Read the article.

Video: Sagebrush Science Makes a Breakthrough with Soil Pasta
When scientists were looking for a better way to restore sagebrush they thought way outside of the box. The solution - a pasta maker. Watch the video.

Resource: A New Tool for Wetland Management
Researchers at USU have developed a computer model that determines water levels in wetland units that would increase the productive habitat in an area, a major step in improving migratory bird habitat. Read the article.

Q&A: Lessons from Latin America for forest landscape restoration
An interview with Manuel Guariguata, CIFOR Principal Scientist and Team Leader, on forest landscape restoration challenges and lessons learned to coincide with the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Read the article.