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The Calling 0 A. Inggs What is your calling? So you are invested in ecological restoration. This is absolutely wonderful. Okay, I may be biased, though it is an essential field. That is the truth. We are all here because we care about the environment, we care about people, and we want our earth to thrive as long as possible. However, this post isn't about the field, it is about you! I believe that in order to do good work, to truly excel, we must wake up in the morning knowing that we are fulfilling a mission, our mission. This is personal. Just like you, I am preparing for the next steps. I want to plan ahead. What are my goals? More importantly, what drives me? I think this is what we sometimes sadly forget. I love the saying "don't get lost in the sauce". We may be trudging along, plodding through to the "next thing". The promotion, the new home, the degree. What a disaster to let 15 years of your life slip by without a cause, a why. I am proposing a new method. I invite you to join me in exploring what makes YOU move. What makes you move?? What brings tears to your eyes? Is it the loss of the forest elephant in afromontane forests of Knysna, South Africa? Is it the mis-management of watersheds which in-return leave towns hopeless and thirsty? Why are you called to ecosystem restoration? I am proposing a time out. On this "time out" we should dig deep. I believe each of us need a personal mission statement. Organizations have them, companies have them, so why not you? Yes, it may morph throughout your life, but may you rest on our mission statement. Once we develop our mission statement we can develop our next steps in the comfort of knowing we are working towards our passion. Now that is a cause for waking up! Please share your thoughts or even your mission. Let us be a true community.
by A. Inggs
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Come One, Come All! 0 A. Inggs Welcome! We are so glad you can make it to our Professional Development forum. This forum is an open book. Anyone can come in and ask advice, give advice, and share experiences. The goal of this forum is to encourage our colleagues in their eco-restoration career/life quest. We want to bridge the gap between the gained wisdom of our very experienced members to the less experienced. To kickoff the forum, I will pose a question that I know will help many emerging professionals get off on the right foot. It will also probably cause embarrassing flashbacks. It's all in the process... If you had an internship experience, what was it like? Was it helpful/relevant? Was it a paid internship? How did you stumble upon it? Did it perhaps change your career path entirely?  
by A. Inggs
Thursday, October 27, 2016