SER2013 Training Course: Restoration Project Planning, Design and Evaluation


October 5, 2013


Madison, Wisconsin


Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)


Restoration Project Planning, Design and Evaluation

Course Leaders: Pam Kylstra, NOAA Coastal Services Center; Nina Garfield, NOAA Estuarine Reserves Division
Venue: The Pyle Center
Cost: $125

Have you ever implemented a restoration project that didn’t quite meet its intended outcomes? (Be honest!) This interactive, full-day workshop offers restoration practitioners valuable knowledge, skills, and tools to enhance your ability to design targeted projects that have a greater chance of achieving success. The workshop is not intended to present basic components of restoration planning, but rather a planning framework that will increase project success. The approach is applicable to any habitat type. To highlight the versatility of this planning framework, the course will use examples derived from estuarine coastal habitat, freshwater coastal habitat, the Great Lakes, and upland forest. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:  1) explain how restoration project design and evaluation support agency and organization missions, strategic plans, and established program niches; 2) identify and communicate measurable project outcomes; 3) demonstrate how logic models can be applied to restoration project design and evaluation; 4) identify meaningful performance indicators as a part of project evaluation; and 5) assess types and levels of evaluation that can be applied to restoration projects.