SER2013 Training Course: Demystifying Dam Removal Project Management


October 6, 2013


Madison, Wisconsin


Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)


Demystifying Dam Removal Project Management

Course Leaders: Sara Strassman and Brian Graber, American Rivers
Venue: The Pyle Center
Cost: $125

Dam removal has become an increasingly popular activity both as a means to achieve ecological restoration and a pragmatic solution to aging infrastructure. American Rivers supports the use of dam removal to achieve multiple objectives. We have planned, designed, managed, funded, or advised more than 150 dam removal projects across the country, achieving more than 1000 miles of reconnected rivers, restored habitat for migratory & riverine fishes, and restoration of a variety of habitats such as Atlantic white cedar swamps, bogs, wetlands, riparian forests and meadows. The objective of our training is to provide an introduction to dam removal management that will allow the participants to identify and evaluate dam removal projects, develop a scope of work for dam removal design, understand basic permitting, identify sources of funding, and understand the components of a successful project. We will discuss the ecological implications of dam removal including species benefits and habitat restoration. We will also discuss strengths and limitations of dam removal as a river restoration tool, including case studies that illustrate when you may want to do more to jump-start river and floodplain habitat recovery. Participants will receive a compendium of resources for conducting desktop and field reconnaissance along with a digital guidebook that covers the topic areas discussed above. American Rivers and the invited speakers will offer opportunities for participants to discuss their specific projects with experienced project managers.