NWETC Course: Environmental Forensics in Water Resources


December 10, 2013 - December 11, 2013


Sacramento, CA




This course provides useful information for a large range of professionals who deal with environmental water resources, especially legal liability and changes in stream water quality, shallow water table, drainage, wetlands, and sedimentation issues. Course attendees will gain an understanding of the basics of forensic science and the main environmental forensic techniques available and how they apply to complex inverse condemnation, regulatory takings, and environmental damage cases. The forensic techniques explored in this course include: Water quality and shallow water table modeling, Hyrologic Modeling fo shallow groundwaters and wetlands, Sediment transport modeling of streams and rivers Tracing pollutants in watersheds Wetland drainage, Complex wetland delineation, Riparian rights, Sediment age dating. Bacterial Fingerprinting, ARA, DNA