Leah Bregman

Membership & Communications Manager

[email protected]

As the Membership and Communications Manager, Leah implements SER’s membership program and communicates with member from over 70 countries. As the manager of SER's integrated communications plan, Leah oversee's social media and outreach tasks and serves as the editor of SER’s quarterly newsletter, SERNews, and  bi-weekly newsletter, RESTORE. Since graduating with an MSc in Conservation from University College London (UCL) in London, England, in 2010, Leah has worked at the local level as naturalist and the regional and international levels with various non-profit organizations. Leah lends to the team her strong understanding of both the practical and political challenges facing our natural systems. Her well-established connections with local naturalists and Riverbend Park in Fairfax County, as well as her international perspective from her graduate studies in England and undergraduate studies in Ottawa, Canada, are a true asset to the team.

As a conservationist, Leah highly values the opportunity to work in an active non-profit organization devoted to strengthening ecological restoration efforts worldwide. She is especially interesting in the efforts put forward by SER and its leadership to improve the links between ecological health and human livelihoods. 

Levi Wickwire

Program Manager

[email protected]

As Program Manager, Levi works in a number of different capacities to help develop the Society's programs and activities. In addition to building and maintaining the Global Restoration Network, serving as editor of the quarterly newsletter SERNews and conducting public outreach, he plays an integral role in planning and organizing the Society's biannual World Conference on Ecological Restoration. A fluent Spanish speaker, he has been instrumental in helping SER expand its presence in Latin America by translating a variety of restoration-related materials and fostering collaborative relationships with practitioners throughout the region.

His interest in ecology arose out of studies in anthropology at Northern Arizona University, where he discovered an enduring fascination with ethnobotany and traditional ecological knowledge. Subsequent travels in Latin America and exposure to rural livelihoods only served to deepen this interest, and SER has afforded him an invaluable opportunity to broaden his base of knowledge and contribute something tangible to efforts aimed at safeguarding biodiversity and fostering sustainable relationships between humans and their natural surroundings.

Hannah Boone

Program Assistant

[email protected]

As the Program Assistant, Hannah's efforts support SER's membership services, communications, and World Conferences. A lifelong passion for the natural world and concern for the environment led Hannah to pursue a degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University. Her studies, semester abroad, and internships examined resource management and the human-environment dynamic, with a particular interest in applying those concepts at the international level. Upon graduation, Hannah spent a year in southeastern Utah as an AmeriCorps VISTA member, where she worked at a nonprofit to increase opportunities in environmental education for Utah’s rural youth. Hannah is excited to be contributing her background in nonprofit work and environmental management towards SER's mission of promoting ecological restoration as a means of creating a better environment for people and nature.