Red Hill Valley Project

Posted March 2015

Photo: A) Segment of Red Hill Valley, showing realigned Red Hill Creek, adjacent woodland, and highway under construction; and B) ... read more

Forest restoration in areas degraded by gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon

Posted February 2015

Photo: A) Member of the Manuani Artisanal Miners Association planting native tree seedlings in an abandoned mine in November... read more

Buffelsdraai Landfill Site Community Reforestation Project

Posted January 2015

Photo: A) Local community members digging holes for trees, in an area previously farmed with sugar cane, and B) Makhosa... read more

Sphagnum Farming in Canada - Producing Peat Moss Biomass Sustainably

Posted October 2014

Photo: An example of a basin after plant spreading (A) and of a basin six years after plant reintroduction (B). Sphagnum farming ref... read more

Minerotrophic Peatland (fen) Restoration – Experimental Site of Bic – Saint-Fabien, Quebec, Canada

Posted October 2014

Photo: Comparison of Bic – Saint-Fabien site: A) before restoration (2009) and B) 3 years after restoration (2012). The Bic ... read more

Ombrotrophic Peatland (bog) Restoration – Experimental Site of Bois-des-Bel, Quebec, Canada

Posted October 2014

Photo: Comparison of - A) restored portion and B) unrestored portion of Bois-des-Bel peatland, 13 years after restoration. The rest... read more

Recovery of Legal Reserves as Conservation and Production Systems in the Transition Region Amazon...

Posted September 2014

       Photo 1 (Above Left): The first pruning at area of Canarana, Brazil, at 22 months in October 2013.&... read more

The Biohut - An Artificial Nursery Habitat

Posted September 2014

    Photo on the left: A Biohut is installed in Baltimore's harbor, United States. Photo on the right: Seahorse enjoys a Biohu... read more

Planting ‘Tree Islands’ to Facilitate Tropical Forest Recovery

Posted April 2014

Large areas of agricultural land in some tropical regions are being removed from production due to complex socioeconomic forces, and ra... read more

Punakaiki Coastal Restoration Project, New Zealand

Posted March 2014

April 2009: May 2013: The PCRP is a continuing partnership between the Department of Conservation, Rio Tinto Ltd, CVNZ and Lincoln ... read more