SER Ambassador, Keith Bowers, represents SER at International Seminar in North Korea

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SER Ambassador, Keith Bowers, recently represented the Society at a 3-day International Seminar on Forest and Landscape Restoration in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. SER was grateful to have had the opportunity to donate much needed titles from our book series, the Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration, as well as copies of our SER primer on ecological restoration. Cl... read more

SER Joins the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation (GPPC)

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The partnership aims to provide a framework to facilitate harmony between existing plant conservation initiatives, identify gaps where new initiatives are required, and promote mobilization of the necessary resources. The partnership also promotes the implementation of the CBD's Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and in particular the 2020 Targets where restoration projects and programs are... read more

SER Supports NRDA Trustee Phase 1 Early Restoration Plan

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On February 14th SER submitted a letter of support, with suggestions, to the NRDA Trustees for the Phase 1 Early Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment associated with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. To read our letter of support, Click Here. To find out more about the NRDA early restoration process, Click Here. read more

SER Strengthens Ties to the Ramsar Secretariat

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SER signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ramsar Secretariat this month to formalize collaborations between the two groups. Click hereto learn how this partnership affects the field of restoration. read more

Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas – Comments Invited

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SER, in partnership with Parks Canada and the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas is pleased to invite you to comment on the draft document Ecological Restoration for Protected Areas: Principles, guidelines and best practice. This consultation draft, which has been prepared by a 23-member Task Force with input from many other experts around the world, is intended to guide the eff... read more

SER Partners with the Satoyama Initiative at CBD SBSTTA15

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“Restoring Life – Challenges and Hopes in Ecosystem Restoration and Potential Role of the CBD” was co-hosted by the CBD Secretariat, the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) on 8 November 2011. Click here to view the presentations on the restoration of rice paddies and biodiversity after the Great East Japan... read more

SER Endorses the Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy

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SER supports the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force’s efforts to engage stakeholders throughout the Gulf region, incorporate science-based adaptive management and monitoring into its strategy, and formalize long-term intergovernmental partnerships. The Task Force will release the final version of its Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy in December 2011. Click h... read more

SER Releases New Brochure on the Economics of Restoration at the CBD Scientific Meeting

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As the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) discuss how to best to integrate ecosystem restoration into their national action plans and accounting frameworks this week, the SER delegation co-hosts a side event with the CBD to highlight why investing in our ecological infrastructure makes economic sense. The brochure is available here. Throughout the week, SER will partic... read more

SER Releases Code of Ethics

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We are excited to introduce the SER Code of Ethics. Created to guide the conduct and work of SER members, boards and staff, the Code of Ethics includes mandates calling for accountability, fairness and high standards of conduct. read more

SER2011 Call to Action

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One thousand delegates at the Society for Ecological Restoration's 4th World Conference on Ecological Restoration submit SER2011 CALL to ACTION. read more