Old Fields: Dynamics and Restoration of Abandoned Farmland

Posted by Viki A. Cramer, Richard J. Hobbs

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Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land

Posted by Steven I. Apfelbaum, Alan W. Haney

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A Guide for Desert and Dryland Restoration: New Hope for Arid Lands

Posted by David Bainbridge

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River Futures: An Integrative Scientific Approach to River Repair

Posted by Gary J. Brierley and Kirstie A. Fryirs

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Cork Oak Woodlands on the Edge: Ecology, Adaptive Management, & Restoration

Posted by James Aronson, Joao Pereira, Juli Pausas

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Restoring the Pacific Northwest: The Art and Science of Ecological Restoration in Cascadia

Posted by Dean Apostol and Marcia Sinclair

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The Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land Workbook

Posted by Steven I Apfelbaum and Alan Haney

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The Historical Ecology Handbook


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Conservation Magazine

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Conservation Magazine is an independent magazine dedicated to changing the conversation about what it means to be “green.” The magazine  explores the familiar topics of mass extinction, overpopulation, and resource depletion and focuses on sharing success stories about smart science and technological solutions to the major environmental problems of our time. Each issue draws u... read more