Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration

Posted by Dave Egan, Evan E. Hjerpe, and Jesse Abrams

Edited by Dave Egan, Evan E. Hjerpe, and Jesse Abrams.  Human Dimensions of Ecological Restoration, published in 2011, takes an interdisciplinary look at the myriad human aspects of ecological restoration. The book provides practical and theoretical information, analysis, models, and guidelines for optimizing human involvement in restoration projects. Six categories of social activities a... read more

Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration: Five Case Studies from the United States

Posted by Mary Doyle and Cynthia A. Drew

Edited by Mary Doyle and Cynthia A. Drew Large Scale Ecosystem Restoration, published in 2008, presents case studies of five of the most noteworthy large-scale restoration projects in the United States: Chesapeake Bay, The Everglades, California Bay Delta, the Platte River Basin, and the Upper Mississippi River System. These projects embody current efforts to address ecosystem restoration in a... read more

Ex Situ Plant Conservation: Supporting Species Survival in the Wild

Posted by Edward Guerrant Jr., Kayri Havens, and Mike Maunder

Edited by Edward O. Guerrant JR, Kayri Havens, and Mike Maunder Ex Situ Plant Conservation, published in 2004, is the first book to address integrated plant conservation strategies and to examine the scientific, technical, and strategic bases of the ex situ approach. The book examines where and how ex situ investment can best support in situ conservation. Ex Situ Plant Conservation outlines t... read more

Assembly Rules and Restoration Ecology: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Posted by Vicky M. Temperton, Richard J. Hobbs, Tim Nuttle, and Stefan Halle

Edited by Vicky M. Temperton, Richard J Hobbs, Tim Nuttle, and Stefan Halle Assembly Rules and Restoration Ecology, published in 2004, offers an introduction, overview, and synthesis of the potential role of assembly rules theory in restoration ecology. It brings together information and ideas relating to ecosystem assembly in a restoration context, and includes material from a wide geographi... read more

Ecological Restoration of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests

Posted by Peter Friederici

Edited by Peter Friederici Ecological Restoration of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests, published in 2003, brings together practitioners and thinkers from a variety of fields—including forestry, biology, philosophy, ecology, political science, archaeology, botany, and geography to synthesize what is known about ecological restoration in the ponderosa pine forests and to consider ... read more

Intelligent Tinkering: Bridging the Gap between Science and Practice

Posted by Robert J. Cabin

By Robert J Cabin Intelligent Tinkering, published in 2011, uses the restoration of tropical dry forestland in Hawaii as an in-depth case study to investigate the scientific, practical, and philosophical issues associated with performing ecological restoration in the messy real world. Cabin explores the relationship between science and practice in ecological restoration through his entert... read more

Old Fields: Dynamics and Restoration of Abandoned Farmland

Posted by Viki A. Cramer, Richard J. Hobbs

Edited by Viki A. Cramer and Richard J. Hobbs Old Fields, published in 2011, brings together leading experts from around the world to synthesize past and current work on old fields, providing an up-to-date perspective on the ecological dynamics of abandoned land. The book provides readers with a broad understanding of why agricultural land is abandoned, the factors that determine the ecol... read more

Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land

Posted by Steven I. Apfelbaum, Alan W. Haney

By Steven I. Apfelbaum and Alan Haney Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land, published in 2010, provides a step-by-step process for developing, implementing, monitoring, and refining on-the-ground restoration projects that are applicable to a wide range of landscapes and ecosystems. The first half of the book introduces the process of ecological restoration through specific examples from t... read more

A Guide for Desert and Dryland Restoration: New Hope for Arid Lands

Posted by David Bainbridge

By David A Bainbridge A Guide for Desert and Dryland Restoration, published in 2007, is the first book to offer practical, field-tested solutions to the critical problem of dryland degradation and desertification. Author David Bainbridge has spent more than 25 years actively involved in restoring lands across the American Southwest.  This book presents the results of his years of fieldwor... read more

River Futures: An Integrative Scientific Approach to River Repair

Posted by Gary J. Brierley and Kirstie A. Fryirs

Edited by Gary J. Brierley and Kirstie A Fryirs River Futures, published in 2008, discusses the emergence of this new era of river repair and documents a comprehensive biophysical framework for river science and management. The book considers what can be done to maximize prospects for improving river health while maintaining or enhancing the provision of ecosystem services over the next fifty ... read more