SER and Restoration In Asia

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Many thanks to Nigel Tucker, Principal Environmental Scientist with Biotropica, who represented SER at the June 27th CBD capacity building workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. Around 50 participants from 26 nations attended this workshop to review country progress towards the achievement of Aichi Biodiversity Targets - specifically Targets 5 and 15, as detailed below:   Target 5: “By 2020... read more

Restoration of logged humid tropical forests: An experimental programme at Harapan Rainforest, Indonesia

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Restoration of degraded tropical forests can enhance ecosystem service provisioning, improve habitat quality for tropical forest biota and generate income from timber and NTFPs. In Indonesia alone, an estimated 25 million ha of former logging concessions are without current management, representing a huge opportunity for biodiversity conservation. However, currently such forests are t... read more

Ecological Mangrove Rehabilitation

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This Field Manual for Practitioners engages communities to consider social, economic and ecological factors before undertaken mangrove restoration, and relies on monitoring to inform corrective actions over time. Click here for more information. read more

Novel ecosystems: concept or inconvenient reality? A response to Murcia et al.

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Murcia et al. contend that the concept of a ‘novel ecosystem’ is poorly developed, has no evidence base, and has little management application and potential negative policy impacts. However, it is more accurate to observe that conceptual development is ongoing (as would be expected in a relatively new area of endeavor), empirical evidence is mounting, many managers find the ideas us... read more

A critique of the ‘novel ecosystem’ concept

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The ‘novel ecosystem’ concept has captured the attention of scientists, managers, and science journalists, and more recently of policymakers, before it has been subjected to the scrutiny and empirical validation inherent to science. Lack of rigorous scrutiny can lead to undesirable outcomes in ecosystem management, environmental law, and policy. Click here for more information. read more

The State of the World's Genetic Resources

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This first volume of The State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources constitutes a major step in building the information and knowledge base required for action towards better conservation and sustainable management of forest genetic resources at the national, regional and international levels. Click here for more information. read more

Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology

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The Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology (ROAM), produced by IUCN,  provides a flexible and affordable framework approach for countries to rapidly identify and analyse forest landscape restoration (FLR) potential and locate specific areas of opportunity at a national or sub-national level. Click here for more information. read more

Global Biodiversity Outlook 4

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Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) is the flagship publication of the Convention on Biological Diversity. It is a periodic report that summarizes the latest data on the status and trends of biodiversity and draws conclusions relevant to the further implementation of the Convention. The fourth edition launched October 6, 2014. Click here for more information. read more

US Fish and Wildlife: Restoration Returns

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A new peer-reviewed analysis finds that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife habitat restoration programs are extraordinary engines for the U.S. economy. The report, Restoration Returns: The Contribution of Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Coastal Program Projects to Local U.S. Economies, finds that, in working directly with partners to implement vital on- the- ground habitat restoration, these... read more

NEW SER Book: Tidal Marsh Restoration- A Synthesis of Science and Practice

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Tidal Marsh Restoration by Charles T. Roman and David M. Burdick is the latest title in the SER-Island Press book series The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration. The book provides the scientific foundation and practical guidance necessary for coastal zone stewards to initiate salt marsh tidal restoration programs. Compiling a synthesizes and interpretation of the current state of kno... read more