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April 13, 2017
Photo: Irish Typepad/Flickr
Good intentions alone won't grow new mangroves
In just the last half-century more than half of all mangrove forests were lost to development. People have tried to plant new forests-but as detailed in a newRestoration Ecologypaper on the failure of restoration efforts in Sri Lanka, planting mangroves involves much more than putting seedlings in the ground (via Anthropocene Magazine).
Photo: Gary Bell/National Geographic
Warming Bleaches Two-Thirds of Great Barrier Reef
A huge portion of the 1,400-mile structure has now suffered severe damage for the second straight year-and scientists blame climate change.Terry Hughes,SER2017Keynote Speaker and the lead author of the recent study says the problems are serious, but it's not too late(via National Geographic).
The Best Way to Restore Environments in the Face of Climate Change
Scientists have created an interactive decision support table that restoration professionals can use to choose strategies and goals that best boost climate change resilience in the systems in which they're working (via Ensia).
Photo: Snowchange Cooperative
Arctic Indigenous Peoples Leading the Way in Ecological Restoration and Climate Resilience, Says Major New Study
The study highlights the work of indigenous Arctic communities as major inspirations in the global effort to curb and build resilience to climate change (via Intercontinental Cry).


New from Restoration EcologyThe rise of the Brazilian Network for Ecological Restoration (REBRE)
What started as an idea by 16 researchers who met in 2010 has grown to more than 2,500 members made up of students, technicians, consultants, people interested in ecological restoration and researchers.

Blog: Considering animal behaviour to improve ecological restoration
Author Robin Hale discusses his Review paper with Stephen Swearer 'When good animals love bad restored habitats: how maladaptive habitat selection can constrain restoration' (via The Applied Ecologist's Blog).

Resource: Centuries of tree taxonomy informs today's restoration
BGCI just created a database called GlobalTreeSearch to support global research, conservation, and botanically-based interventions including forest landscape restoration (via IUCN).


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