Thematic Sections

Sections are the newest addition to the SER network and will play an important part in helping the SER community achieve its mission. Whereas chapters are geographically structured, SER sections are thematically organized to provide SER members with the opportunity to engage and share knowledge on a specific topic related to the field of restoration ecology. 

Similar to chapters, SER sections can set their own membership rates, are run by a volunteer Board, and provide benefits to section members. Unlike chapters, however, sections are not incorporated separately from SER. Members can affiliate with a section as well as a chapter(s).

SER Sections
Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration Section (LERS)

Established in October 2013, SER’s Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration Section will help SER foster information and knowledge exchange on large-scale ecosystem restoration. The LERS mission is to:

  • Advance public education and enlightenment concerning the nation’s large-scale ecosystem resources.

  • Provide a forum for an interchange of ideas, approaches, lessons learned, and data developed relevant to planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration.

  • Develop and encourage large-scale ecosystem restoration as a discipline by supporting student education, curriculum development, and research.

  • Encourage and evaluate the educational, scientific, engineering, and technological development and advancement of all branches of large-scale ecosystem restoration and practice.

You can affiliate with LERS for a $10 additional membership fee when you join/renew as a member of SER. Already a member and want to add LERS to your currently ongoing membership? Email [email protected]