Student Associations

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Colorado State University Student Association (CSU-SER)
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

The Colorado State University Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association (CSU-SER) was established in 2008. The Association is in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA and has 125 active members. CSU-SER’s specific goal is to bring together individuals from different disciplines that are invested in solving environmental problems. In bringing together students from various disciplines, the Association hopes to foster a network for communication which will help increase the effectiveness of restoration efforts. The group hosts regular native plants sales, restoration days, speaker series, and on- campus conferences. CSU-SER also provides its members with career mentoring and symposium scholarships. The students actively work to promote and sustain positive restoration practices on campus and within the greater university community.

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Niagara College Student Association (SER-NC)
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

The Niagara College Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association (SERNC) was formed in 2013 by students of the Ecosystem Restoration postgraduate program.  Although still primarily consisting of Ecosystem Restoration students, the club welcomes any Niagara College student.  The association currently has 31 active members who are continuing the work started in 2013 and are adding new projects and events.

SERNC started off the 2015 fall semester organizing an invasive species removal, taking out phragmites on the NOTL Niagara College campus.  They plan to experiment planting willows and other species to out-compete phragmites this spring.  SERNC also plans to hold information panels and meet-and-greets with environmental professionals and other student associations, as well as hosting volunteer events and a social.

State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry SER Student Association (SER-ESF)
Syracuse, New York, USA

The State University of New York – College of Environmental Science and Forestry SER Student Association (SUNY-ESF) was founded in September 2014. The association consists of both graduate and undergraduate students. The group will volunteer on and off campus to promote and participate in ecological restoration efforts in the community. SER-ESF has begun corresponding with the indigenous group Gullah Geechee as part of a biocultural restoration project creating a field guide to help sustain their traditional ecological knowledge. The association plans to host showings of documentaries, seminars, and presentations on ecological restoration topics, promote healthy discussion on the importance of this type of work, and form connections with other ESF student groups.

Temple University Student Association (TU-SER)
Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA

The Temple University Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association was established in 2012 in Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA. The group currently has 10-15 active members. The Association meets weekly to discuss recent conferences, new developments in the field of ecological restoration, and recent group activities. Recently, the group created a native plant nursery and since organized a student led record keeping system for the nursery.  Future activities include a speaker series, field trips to local restoration sites and native plant nurseries, and attendance at future SER regional and international conferences. Be sure to check out the Temple Student Association Blog for recent posts and news. 

To join please email: Margaret {dot} shaw {at} temple.eduTo learn more about obtaining a master in Landscape Architecture at Temple Ambler visit:

Texas A&M University Student Association (TAMU-SER)
College Station, Texas, USA

The Texas A&M Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association (TAMU-SER) was established in 2010 and is located in College Station, Texas, USA. There are currently 30 active members in TAMU-SER The Association is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in establishing a healthy relationship between nature and culture. The students study a variety of subjects including Ecological Restoration, Renewable Natural Resources, Forestry, Spatial Sciences, and Rangeland Ecological and Management. Throughout each semester, The Association takes part in a number of restoration related activities. Students are assisting Bastrop fire relief initiatives, pursuing a local restoration project to stabilize a portion of a stream bank, participating in local community volunteer events such as The Big Event, and hosting educational seminars.

To join email: [email protected]. To learn more about TAMU-SER, visit Follow them on Facebook!

Trent University Student Association (SER-TU)
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

The Society for Ecological Restoration – Trent University Student Association (SER-TU) was established in January, 2015 and is located in Trent University, Peterborough, Canada. There are currently 40 active members in SER-TU. The Association is comprised of undergraduate students who are interested in establishing a healthy relationship between nature and culture.

The student association is interested in creating educational, vocational and volunteer opportunities to all students of Trent University who are interested in ecological restoration. The association has participated in a “Bio-Blitz” at Trent University surveying the campus for ash trees in an effort to help with potential emerald ash borer infestations in the Kawartha Lakes Region.

University of Guelph Student Association (SER-UG)
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The University of Guelph SER Student Association (SER-UG) is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The association has approximately 130 members, 35 of which are actively engaged. Formed in 2014, the association organizes guest lecturers and recently hosted a buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica and R. frangula) pull in the University’s Arboretum. They plan to continue their speaker series. The association has successfully secured funding to remove invasive species and replant locally seed-sourced native stock in an area of the arboretum where many ash trees will soon succumb to the emerald ash borer.

Membership is free and the association encourages students from across campus to join. Email them at [email protected]. Join their Facebook group.

University of Montana Student Association (UMSER)
Missoula, Montana, USA

The University of Montana Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association (UMSER), in Missoula, Montana, USA, was established in 2008 and currently has 23 active members. Each year UM-SER members work to promote ecological restoration around Missoula by hosting volunteer events, holding native plant sales, and interacting with environmental professionals in the community. Their main event takes place on Mt. Sentinel’s “M”-trail, the most hiked trail in the state, where they coordinate over 100 volunteers to help restore Palouse prairie by pulling invasive plants, planting native plants, spreading native seeds, and performing trail maintenance to prevent erosion. UM-SER also helps maintain a native plant garden on the University’s campus. Meetings are held bimonthly during the semester with additional meetings when a speaker comes to discussion restoration.

To join email: [email protected]. To learn more about UM-SER, visit:

University of Washington Student Association (SER-UW)
Seattle, Washington, USA

The University of Washington Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association (SER-UW) in Seattle, Washington, USA was established in 2008 by the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. SER-UW currently has 20 active members. In its first year as an Association, student members worked with university administration to take ownership of an on campus plot overrun with invasive species and in need of restoration. The group continues to restore that site, expanding its size and plant diversity each year. Association members also contribute to several restoration projects in the Union Bay Natural Area a popular birding location built on top of an old landfill. SER-UW is proud to have introduced the practice of restoration to hundreds of students by regularly partnering with the Intro to Environmental Science class. In the past they have hosted events, such as the 2012 Intersection of Ecological Restoration and Landscape Architecture panel discussion and a 2011 speaker event featuring Jack Nisbet, author of “The Collector: David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest.”

To learn more or to join, please visit: Follow them on Facebook!

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Student Association (UWSP-SER)
Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association (UWSP-SER) in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA, currently has 10-15 active members. Their main goal is to provide the hands-on experience while educating the general public about ecological restoration. The group holds regular meetings during the year. In addition to weekly meetings UWSP-SER participates in local volunteer events, attends conferences and events, hosts outreach activities, and organizes a speaker series.