Membership Renewal

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Society for Ecological Restoration! Your membership strengthens the SER network and our ability to promote ecological restoration as a means to restore and revitalize ecosystems worldwide. Whether you are a restoration practitioner, academic, educator, advocate or volunteer, your participation and contribution to the Society is an invaluable asset to our community. 

Individual Membership
Individual membership is available for restoration professionals, students, volunteers and people who have a passion for restoration ecology.
      Individual                                                      $50
      Individual/Low Income  $20
      Student  $20
      Student/Low Income  $10

Group Memberships
A group membership is an ideal way for your business, government agency or other organization to involve your employees with SER.  You can sign up to five of your employees or volunteers for SER Membership.
      Organization (includes 5 memberships)              $200
      Additional Memberships  $40
      Organization/Low Income  $100
      Additional Memberships/Low Income  $20

Student Association Faculty Advisors may renew on behelf of their Student Association with the Student Association Renewal Form. Note: This form must be taken by the Student Association faculty advisor. If you are a student leader and would like to renew on behalf of your Student Association, please contact [email protected].
      Student Association                                        $160
      Student Association/Low Income  $130

If you’re not sure it’s time to renew, you can check your status in the SER Member Directory. Having troubles signing in? Send us a note at
[email protected].

If you prefer to mail us your membership, you can download the renewal form here.