Chapters & Sections

When you join SER, you have the option to join one or more of our Regional Chapters or Thematic Sections in conjunction with your SER membership. Like SER, Chaper/Section membership is annual and dues are in US dollars. Click here to view a list of upcoming SER Chapter and Section conferences, events, and workshops.

Regional Chapters

Chapters are a great way to add value to your membership. Led by dedicated volunteers, SER Chapters focus on local issues and give members the opportunity meet and work with other restoration professionals and engage in regions around the world. 

If there isn’t a Chapter in your region, consider joining a Thematic Section.

Established in 2011 and serving members in Nepal.
            Dues:                               No dues

Established in 1999, SERA serves members in 17 countries throughout Australasia.
           Dues:                                $15

Established in 2001 and serving members in Europe and the British Isles.
            Dues:                               $15

Established in 1994 and serving members in Ontario, Canada.
            Dues:                               $15

Western Canada
Established 1999 and serving members in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Yukon and Northwest Territories.
            Dues:                               $15

United States
Central Rockies
Established in 1996 and serving members in Colorado and Wyoming .
            Individual/Professional         $15
            Student                             $ 5
            Business/Government          $75

Great Basin
Established in 2011 to serve members in Utah, Nevada, southern Idaho, southeastern Oregon and eastern California.
            Individual                          $15
            Student                             $ 5

Established in 2004 and serving members in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.
            Dues:                               $15

Midwest-Great Lakes
Established in 2008 and serving members in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
            Dues:                               $15

New England
Established in 2005 and serving members in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Established in 1992 and serving members in the Cascadia Bioregion, including Alaska, Idaho, Northern California, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
            Individual                          $15
            Student                             $ 5
            Business/Government          $75

Established in 1995 and serving members in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
            Dues:                               $15

Established in 2011 and serving members in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, southern Nevada and southern California.
            Individual                         $15
            Student                            $ 5

Established in 1995 to serve members in Texas.
            Dues:                              $15

Thematic Sections

Sections are a new addition to the SER network.  Sections are organized around a theme rather than a region like SER’s chapters.  Similar to chapters, sections are run by a volunteer board and provide SER members with the opportunity to engage and share knowledge on a specific topic related to the field of restoration ecology. 

Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration Section (LERS)
Established in October 2013, SER’s Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration Section (LERS) provides a forum for an interchange of ideas, approaches, lessons learned and data developed relevant to planning, policy, science, and engineering of large-scale ecosystem restoration.
            Dues:                              $15

International Network for Seed-Based Restoration (INSR)
The International Network for Seed-based Restoration (INSR) links practitioners, scientists, community and government and industry who use seed in ecological restoration and rehabilitation.  With an interactive web page and development of discussion forums between seed users around the world, the network is for everyone interested in making the most out of their native seeds. Special subgroups include: seed coatings and pelleting, seed dormancy, provenance, seed storage, precision seeding, germination-on-demand and many more are planned.
            Dues:                              None