This section is designed to give practitioners, and the general public alike, easy access to the growing mass of information on TEK and related issues that are available on the web. These works represent a wide range of views on the subject of TEK and its relevance in the modern world.

Statements & Declarations offers links to important proclamations made by indigenous groups and advocacy organizations from 1985 to the present.

Articles & Papers offers links to webpages and pdf files that contain important TEK research and analysis as well as speeches, debates, and discussion papers.

Journals, Magazines & Media offers links to peer-reviewed journals, popular magazines, and news sources reporting on indigenous issues, ecological restoration, and cultural survival. Many of these publications are available free online.

Government & NGO Documents offers links to official publications and reports as well as numerous public statements and declarations of native peoples and indigenous organization worldwide.

Databases & Listservs offers links to searchable databases on ethnoecology, ethnobotany, indigenous knowledge and practices as well as research projects, discussion forums, web logs and listservs.

Books Online offers links to online handbooks and guides related to TEK as well as a comprehensive bibliography on the subject.