The mission of the Indigenous Peoples' Restoration Network's (IPRN) is to support native and tribal communities in need of technical assistance for environmental restoration and cultural rehabilitation and to assist leaders and practitioners in their efforts to apply traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) within their own vision of political, economic, and cultural sovereignty... read more


The ICCA Consortium is an international association dedicated to promoting the appropriate recognition of and support to ICCAs (Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Areas and Territories) in the regional, national and global arena. As a global institution, the Consortium is collaborating with the CBD Secretariat, GEF SGP, UNEP WCMC, IUCN, and UN mechanisms promoting human and IP and LC rights... read more

Other Projects

Ombrotrophic Peatland (bog) Restoration – Experimental Site of Bois-des-Bel, Quebec, Canada... read more

Recovery of Legal Reserves as Conservation and Production Systems in the Transition Region Amazon / Savanna and Savanna... read more

The Biohut - An Artificial Nursery Habitat... read more

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