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The Edhkwehlynawd Botanical Refuge (EBR)

is a non-profit trust of Tamil Nadu,South India founded by Dr. Tarun Chhabra. Dr Chhabra is a practicing dentist who works with the Todas, an indigenous people of the upper Nilgiris of South India. While studying their unique customs, he realized that their culture was collapsing before his own eyes. In 1992, he and others established an NGO to initiate various projects that would help preserve their unique heritage. More recently, having realized that urgent eco-restorative measures were needed in the western upper Nilgiris, which is a part of the core area within the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve (the first in India and a global bio-diversity hotspot), the Edhkwehlynawd Botanical Refuge was established.

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The India Environment Trust (IET) is a registered UK charity, set up to support the work of environmental NGO's and citizens dedicated to protecting and improving India's environment. The IET funds and supports several projects in India including the Edhkwehlynawd Botanical Refuge.

"A Green Record" in The Hindu on July 27, 2003. The current Guiness record for the maximum number of native trees planted in one day belongs to the Nilgiris. Now comes the tough part - ensuring the restoration of this once-decimated shola forest. Tarun Chhabra gives an account of this ardous but rewarding, task.

"The Toda Landscape"
 in The Human Landscape/edited by Geeti Sen and Ashis Banerjee. New Delhi: Orient Longman (2001).

"The Toda People: Wildland Plants and Values" in the International Journal of Wilderness (December 2001)

"Toda Traditions in Peril" in Down to Earth: Science and Environment Online (August 15, 2002)

"Orchid Heaven" in The Hindu on April 3, 2005. The Nilgiris is a prime habitat for numerous species of these flowers, providing a feast for the eyes, says Tarun Chhabra.

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