Wetland Construction:Planning and Functional Design


September 08, 2014 - September 09, 2014


Eco Complex, Bordentown, NJ


Rutgers University


To Construct a Functioning Wetland, You Must Understand the WET Part! As state and federal wetland mitigation standards evolve away from an acre-for-acre approach to a focus on replacing wetland functions, your understanding of the wetland's "wet part" has never been more critical. Building on your understanding of wetland functions, this course will guide you on the many factors required to plan and design a functional wetland with an emphasis on two key components that drive success: DDT (depth, duration & timing) of site hydrology and the landscape position Although there are several critical factors affecting a wetland's functions (from soil parent material to climate to organisms), the two key design components stressed by our instructor are: addressing the landscape position (hydrogeomorphology) of the site and understanding the DDT (depth, duration & timing) of the site's hydrology. In fact, the single biggest mistake in botched wetland construction projects is failure to understand the amount and seasonal distribution of water over time. Attend this two-day program and learn about the DDT of water and how to calculate/anticipate hydrologic patterns before your wetland is constructed!