SER Ontario Taquanyah Ecological Restoration Field Trip


July 17, 2014 - July 17, 2014


Cayuga, Ontario, Canada


SER Ontario (SERO)


Taquanyah Ecological Restoration Field Trip
SER Ontario 2014 Field Trip

The Taquanyah site has a long history as a reservoir that has now been managed for coldwater stream habitat, marsh habitat, seasonal wetlands, and swamp and is an active nature centre providing school and public education. Since 1999 the GRCA has worked closely with local community partners to provide a long term management plan for the site. In late 2012 the management plan was put into action and four wetland cells, waterfowl pair ponds, and vernal wetlands were constructed. Management activities to protect and enhance habitat for Sida hermaphrodita and Ambystoma jeffersonianum have been developed. Starting in the spring of 2014 water level management within the new wetland cells has been introduced. Community partners continue to monitor and implement cold water stream enhancements. 

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