Brownfield Site Restoration and Remediation


July 08, 2014 - July 08, 2014


Sacramento, CA




In this 1-day course, attendees will learn what characterizes a “Brownfield” project, how it differs from a conventional “Greenfield” real estate transaction, and why it would be desirable for a public entity or private investor to pursue a Brownfield. Participants will learn the components of a Brownfields transaction, what legal pathways are available through the California Environmental Protection Agency; Department of Toxic Substances Control to certify site closure, and a review of the State of California Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) cleanup process. Participants will come away with better understanding of the critical due diligence tasks that are necessary to complete a successful Brownfield transaction included legal, real estate, environmental, financing, risk transfer (insurance). Case studies and active engagement with the attendees will be used to reinforce the points presented in lecture. Understanding the topics covered will provide attendees with a current and better-informed perspective on the actual risk and reward afforded to individual investors and public entities that are motivated to produce a win-win financial reward and public benefit.