Restoration Ecology Internship




Sacramento, CA


The Office of Mine Reclamation (OMR), within the California Department of Conservation, is a state agency that oversees surface mining in California. OMR seeks two interns to volunteer within its Environmental Services Unit. Historically, California’s gold rush left a legacy of hazardous abandoned mine sites. OMR works to ensure that contemporary surface mining is conducted in accordance with the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 in order to protect California’s environment and the health of its citizens. OMR’s ecologists and geologists strive to minimize adverse environmental effects from mining and ensure that mined lands are reclaimed to a usable condition following mining. To learn more about OMR please visit

The intern will volunteer within the Environmental Services Unit and will be supervised by a restoration ecologist. Depending on the intern’s skills and interests, the intern may assist with multiple projects including 1) organizing and scanning paper mine files into an electronic database, 2) updating and transferring electronic mine files, and 3) assisting in review of mine site reclamation plans. The position requires a diverse skill set and may include tasks such as working with electronic documents and databases, researching and synthesizing complex scientific information, GIS mapping and analysis, attending meetings, and field visits. The intern will work alongside ecologists, botanists, geologists, and engineering geologists. The intern may also interact with mine operators and representatives from local governments. The position will be fast-paced but will reward the intern with valuable experience.

• The start date of the internship is flexible. Internships generally last 4-6 months, but the term may be shortened or extended upon mutual agreement.
• Interns are expected to devote a minimum of 6-10 hours per week. The weekly schedule is flexible, depending on the intern’s availability.
• The position is primarily office-based.
• The internship is unpaid.
• The Office of Mine Reclamation is located at 801 K St. in downtown Sacramento. Public transportation is readily available.

Both current students and college graduates are encouraged to apply.
Minimum Qualifications:
• excellent writing, communication, research, and organization skills
• working towards undergraduate degree in a related scientific field (biological, environmental, or physical science)
• strong work ethic
• positive attitude and desire to learn

Preferred Qualifications:
• possess a degree (undergraduate or graduate) in a related scientific field
• experience writing and communicating technical scientific material
• knowledge of ecology, ecological restoration, botany, geology, environment science

Applications should be submitted via email by August 31, 2016. Applications will be considered as soon as they are received. Eligible applicants will be contacted for an interview. Please send the following items to Ian MacLeod, Environmental Scientist at [email protected]
•cover letter (one page maximum)
•resume (two pages maximum)
•two references (employers, teachers, mentors, etc.)
•writing sample (a brief writing sample such as a school assignment is fine)
•college transcript (an unofficial copy is fine)