Our Team

Although we are a small global organization, we have been able to make significant strides in advancing our mission over the last two decades thanks in no small part to the energy, ideas and support of a diverse, multi-disciplinary membership and a wide network of partners and collaborators.

Board of Directors

The SER Board of Directors is comprised of Officers, Regional Representatives and At-Large Representatives. Board members are elected to office by the SER membership and serve two-year terms, with the Chair being elected by a majority vote of the standing Directors.

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Governing Documents 

The Society has three main governing documents which are available for download: SER Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and SER's Strategic Plan. Members are also invited to view the minutes from the most recent Board of Directors meetings. 

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Committees & Working Groups

SER Committees and Working Groups play a vital role in advancing the Society’s mission and carrying forward its program of work. Committee and Working Group members serve on a volunteer basis and are drawn from the SER Board of Directors, SER membership at large and SER partner organizations. For the Science and Policy Committee, meeting minutes can be found here. 

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The SER office is located in Washington, DC.

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