It is no secret that today’s world is struggling with the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable resource extraction and human poverty. Here at SER, we stand firm in our belief that ecological restoration plays a crucial role in mitigating and adapting to these challenges. We envision a future where ecological restoration is widely and effectively implemented to re-establish and enhance biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being. Since our incorporation in 1988, we have made it our mission to advance the field of ecological restoration.

Global Network

SER has grown into one of the world’s leading global networks dedicated solely to the science and practice of ecological restoration.

-Established chapters to advance our mission in fourteen regions around the world

-Expanded our network to include members in over 70 countries around the world, solidifying a global voice behind ecological restoration

-Hosted world conferences in Spain, Australia, Mexico, Canada, England and the United States to allowed academics, practitioners, and students come together to exchange ideas, showcase their work, forge new alliances and participate in workshops, field trips and other educational activities

Policy and International Collaboration

SER participates in international fora that engage the public, private and NGO sectors at global, regional, national and local levels, to advocate for the use of appropriate, participatory, and knowledge-based restoration activities.

- Established partnership with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2007 to collaborate on the ways and means to support ecosystem restoration as a practical tool for the Parties to the Convention

- Entered agreement with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and participated with the preparation of proposals for updating and expanding existing Ramsar guidance on the restoration and rehabilitation of lost or degraded wetlands

- Contributed to various IUCN commissions and initiatives over the past decade

- Launched initiative with the Wildlands Network to bridge the gap between the science and practice of ecological restoration and the practice of conservation biology and landscape ecology within the context of connecting regionally significant fragmented wildlands in North America.

Publications and Resources

SER distributes a variety of publications and resources aimed at education, practical application and awareness.

-Launched the Global Restoration Network, an online database that links research, projects, and practitioners around the world

-Established book series on ecological restoration in collaboration with Island Press to create a forum devoted to advancing restoration science and practice through an interdisciplinary approach

-Produced Restoration Ecology, a peer-reviewed journal that highlights the results of restoration projects worldwide as well as scientific advances, practical implications, lessons learned and new perspectives

-Developed the SER Primer on Ecological Restoration, a concise statement of restoration principles and includes a clear definition of what restoration is, how it is planned, conducted, and evaluated, and how it coordinates with related disciplines

-Released Investing in our Ecological Infrastructure, a timely and relevant brochure, to highlight the economic benefits inherent in ecological restoration projects

Introduced conversation on the role of ecological restoration in mitigating climate change and ongoing biodiversity loss through Opportunities and Challenges for Ecological Restoration within REDD+